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.set_bio hi my name is banith


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un manco haciendo lo que puede uwu


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MissHiromi here, I sometimes do fanarts or just references here and there. My commissions are open, like Chickfilla's pores.


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You can call me Beifong, is all right. Guitar player and java developer. Artist as a hobby but it's my passion. I love to draw in black and white but sometimes color is good. Most of my art is in traditional (using paper and ink) using hatching and cross hatching to fill the drawing and adding shadows. Hope you like what I do!


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Cat-girls connoisseur, star trek aficionado and computer nerd enthusiast, and in case you are wondering, yes, I do grow a neckbeard and I own multiple fedoras. I've been drawing since around 2019 and haven't stopped ever since. Long time coder and the maintainer of this site. Big fan of all things thicc and Loona related. I wanted to do this challenge mainly because I have games/comics/animations I would like to do in the future, but I lack the practice and experience to do them.


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Carolina Giraldo Navarro (born 14 February 1991), known professionally as Karol G (stylized in all caps), is a Colombian singer. She is predominantly described as a reggaeton and Latin trap artist, but has experimented with a variety of other genres including reggae and sertaneja. She is also noted for her prominent female presence in the reggaeton scene. In 2018, she won the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist, and has been nominated for several Billboard Latin Music Awards and Premios Lo Nuestro awards.