Sunday 02, January 2022

What's this website about?

This is just a little dedicated to a competition that a friend (MissHiromi) and I (ChickFillA) will be having during the year of 2022. The rules are simple, we need to publish at least one sketch every day for the rest of the year. It can be whatever, but it has to have at least some effort put into it (to our eyes that is), and of course, we will both have access to the website's admin page and domain, just to make sure the challenge is as fair as possible.

The server will update the status of us two at midnight every day (UTC.... afaik) and will display our progress on this page. The homepage of the website will contain the drawings made for the current day, and the counter at the top left of the site illustrates how many days have passed since the challenge started.

Wish us luck!

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